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The Thirteenth Princess (A 13. királylány)

computer animated film | Sound: Akos Janca | Director: Tina Orosz (first film) | 2015

  • award | The film was awarded as Best Student Film at the 13th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival (KAFF) in 2017. | link
  • description | This is a story about a unique princess’s life. The princess wasn’t accepted by others, so that her parents sent her away to a far away castle for protect her feelings. The girl grown up and a lot of men would like her hand and fortune, even so she couldn’t find the true love, but like all fairy tales, everything turns good, and finally she found in the most unexpected moment her soulmate.
  • premiere | 30 Sept 2015, Animascope, Átrium Film Theatre, Budapest, HU | KAFF 2017, Kecskemét
Pictures from the film:
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